"Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another"

(Adam Smith)

core values


Each client relationship benefits directly from the dedication to relationship excellence, entrepreneurial thinking, and long-term commitment that are at the core of our firm
We strive to provide world class advice and to craft relevant financial solutions for our clients and are committed to delivering services on a foundation of independence, integrity and accountability

Independence. We are not related to any financial or industrial group.
Consequently, we operate without conflicts of interest, always, aligning our interest to the interest of our clients and investors.


Integrity. We are honest, fair and direct - with our clients and our investors, with one another, and with our competition. We execute any project with the highest confidentiality standards.


Accountability. We offer competent, well-informed and creative advice to small and large companies. Terra Nova adopts international best practices to support mid-size companies and their shareholders executing corporate finance transactions. We have completed transactions in a number of different situations across many industries and geographies.


Commitment to Transaction Excellence. We have built a reputation for quality and excellence in execution: our clients trust us with challenging and complex situations. Partners are involved in any projects we work on.


Focus on Partnerships. We value partnerships both in executing transactions for our clients and in structuring private equity investments. The network we have allows us to access markets, strategic partners and capital on a global scale.


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